"Different from the first moment" Located in Unglaciated Southwestern Wisconsin 
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A small summer camp for children 7 - 15 years


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We are looking for volunteers
We welcome volunteers who can help in many ways.  There are spring and fall work weekends at camp, there are camp fairs during the winter and there is the opportunity to host a gathering to tell friends about the camp.  We would welcome offers to design print ads and advise on how to reach more families to tell them about Camp Woodbrooke.

Summer Volunteers

Summer volunteers are invited to help throughout the summer during camp season assisting with the garden, food service, arts and crafts, recreational leadership, grounds mowing, maintenance, life guarding, camp craft, nature lore, campfire programs, or transporting campers, bikes or canoes and other possible ways.  We seek mature adult volunteers who come from all walks of life and enjoy being around young people.  They may include doctors, nurses, social workers, tradespersons, maintenance persons, teachers, business executives, college students, engineers, retirees, and many other 'professions'.  Please contact us to talk about what you might be able to offer.

Work Weekends for 2019
  We invite you to join us as we get camp ready in the spring and for fall work weekends shutting the camp down to get ready for our Wisconsin winters.  We share meals and have a lot of fun working together.  These are the spring weekends that have already been scheduled (unpredictable weather may force some alternative dates.):
  • April 27-28 & May 4-5 & May 11-12  -  Opening up and cleaning the barn, repair garden fence, planting potatoes, pulling garlic mustard, some trail work, cleaning cabins, cleaning showerhouse and much other work.

  • May 19  - Open House & Work Day

  • June 1-2  -  More getting camp ready.
Please contact us if you are interested.  We would also welcome help with spring mowing, gardening and other things during the week (with advance notice to make arrangements) if you aren't available on these weekends.

Informal gatherings:
  Please contact us if you would like to help arrange a gathering to tell friends about Camp Woodbrooke.

Please contact us at the address/email below.
We'd love to hear from you!
Camp Woodbrooke, Richland Center, Wisconsin
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