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Camp Woodbrooke's Staff Members
Camp Woodbrooke's staff members are enthusiastic about living in a small, close knit, diverse community where each person is valued and treated with dignity and respect.   They are enthusiastic about working with children, are committed to living simply in harmony with nature; they design creative activities that help children know and love the outdoors.  Staff members work to foster cooperation, teambuilding, and a sense of community within the camp and serve as a role model to others.

Camp Woodbrooke is a very small camp with at most 34 campers, 10 cabin counselors, and 2 teen trip counselors.  Cabin counselors live in rustic, open-sided cabins with up to six campers and one other counselor or helper.  At Camp Woodbrooke everyone participates in the day-to-day life of the camp helping with food preparation, clean up, gardening, care of pets and cleaning the cabins and washhouses so counselors must be ready to participate in each of these areas.  In addition, it is hoped that each counselor has special skills in some of the following areas: arts and crafts, woodworking, cooking, camp craft, nature, skits, group games, swim instruction, gardening, life guard, overnight tenting, music and archery.

Why work at Camp Woodbrooke?
  • You'll have lots of opportunities to be creative with the activities you lead.
  • You'll get many leadership and growth opportunities because each person in our small community contributes to the smooth running of camp.
  • You'll experience deep connections with children and your peers.
  • You'll live closely with nature.
Available Positions
Internships can be accommodated in most positions.  See below for position descriptions.  Please click here for a PDF file of the position descriptions.  It is the same as described below.

Cabin Counselor
(June 8 to August 6, 2019)
Minimum Salary: $210/week
Minimum age 18 and one year of college or comparable experience required.
  • Design and lead a variety of activities during morning and afternoon activity periods for small groups of campers
  • Co-supervise a cabin group of up to six campers
  • Co-lead overnight campouts and cookouts with campers
Kitchen Coordinator Counselor/Cabin Counselor
(June 7 to August 6, 2019)
Minimum Salary: $225/week
Minimum age 18 (21 preferred) and one year of college or comparable experience required - must have love of and experience with cooking (preferably for groups of people) and strong organizational and leadership skills.  Valid driver's license preferred.
  • Coordinate preparation and cooking of meals for up to 70 persons.
  • Coordinate counselor and camper assistants helping with meal preparations and after meal cleanup.
  • Plan menus that can accommodate some special dietary needs (e.g. vegetarian) and that incorporate many organic, fresh ingredients.
  • Order supplies and shop for groceries as needed.
  • Design and lead occasional activities during morning and afternoon activity periods for small groups of campers.
  • Co-supervise a cabin group of up to six campers.
Teen Session Counselor
(June 8 to August 6, 2019)
Minimum Salary: $275/week
Minimum age 21.  First aid/CPR and Lifeguarding certification required, Wilderness First Aid and valid driver's license preferred.  Must have primitive camping, canoeing, and tripping (ideally backpacking and biking) experience and leadership experience with teenagers.
  • Supervise a group of up to ten campers ages 13-15 and implement the Teen Program collaboratively with one other teen trip leader.
  • Maintain a primitive campsite on camp property that is used as the group's "home base" when staying at camp.
  • Lead the group on biking, canoeing, or backpacking trips outside of camp for several nights at a time, camping in rustic/primitive campsites.
  • Implement a service project with the teen program group.
Camp Woodbrooke would be happy to coordinate with various college programs, to help provide worthwhile internship opportunities for students.  College credit may possibly be arranged.  The internship experiences should pertain to the program or overall mission of Camp Woodbrooke.  Persons interested in such internships should contact us at the address below.

Staff Application Forms
New Staff Application Returning Staff Application
(for applicants who have never worked
at Camp Woodbrooke. )
(for applicants who have worked at Camp Woodbrooke.)
Staff Reference Form
If you have more questions please email us by clicking here.

Please Note:
  1. Applicants are to give the Reference Forms to their references to be filled out and returned to the address on the form.  Also, all applications are to be signed by the applicant and accompanied by the completed Skill & Interest Form and sent to the address on the form.
  2. All salary determinations depend on experience, certifications, and special skills.  All positions include room and board.  Counselors with prior counseling experience and special skills such as Lifeguard Training and Wilderness First Aid can expect some additional salary.
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