"Different from the first moment" Located in Unglaciated Southwestern Wisconsin 
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A small summer camp for children 7 - 15 years



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Who Are The Staff Members?
The staff members are chosen for their maturity, desire to work with children in a close knit community that values the implicit worth of each person and the skills that contribute to the needs of a summer camp.

Counselors are 18 years or older and will have completed at least one year of college or something equivalent.  Each year several counselors return from the previous summer and often there are one or two international counselors.  There is a camper to staff ratio of 3 to 1.

Summer Camp Director
Jill Tikkun is our camp director.  She has an abundantCamp Directors love of the outdoors and enthusiasm for living in a way that respects others and our environment.  She and her partner, Sean, have led wilderness outings for Rite of Passages Journeys, an organization based near Seattle, Washington and other wilderness outings in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.  Jill's family resides with her at Woodbrooke with her partner and the kids active in the community for most of the summer.

Building community with the counselors and campers is very important for Jill.  She encourages everyone to listen to each other, to play games with enthusiasm without being overly competitive and to learn about the beautiful property of the camp by hiking, going on overnight campouts and caring for the garden and goats.

Originally from Indiana, Jill graduated from two Quaker schools:  Olney Friends School and Earlham College.  She also has a Masters of Eduction degree from Northern Illinois University.  Sean is a graduate of Westtown School (a Quaker school in PA) and Lake Forest College, with a PhD in Education Psychology at Northern Illinois. Tikkuns He has taught mathematics at Westtown in PA and Ottumwa High School in Iowa and worked as a technology resource teacher for the Madison, WI school district, with a special area of working with visually impaired students.

When not at Camp, the Tikkuns live in Durham. NC.  Jill homeschools their children, Zoë and George. (who are regular campers at Woodbrooke!) and teaches classes at North Carolina Central University (a Historically Black University).  Sean trains teachers to work with the blind and visually impaired at the same school.  Their adult daughter Mercedes is a nanny in Seattle, Washington.  The Tikkuns will usually have a few pets in residence at Woodbrooke for all campers to appreciate!

Equal Opportunity Policy
Camp Woodbrooke, Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  All employment and personnel actions are taken without regard to race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual preference, ancestry, age, veteran status, or any physical or mental disability unless one or more of these factors is a bona fide job qualification.  Discrimination or harassment is prohibited.

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